FAQs/ Terms and Conditions


What you can bring to a Paint and SIp Party

You are encouraged to bring your favorite Adult Beverages if you are over 21 years of age. Travel sizes of liquor are ideal, bottles of beer and wine work great as do wine coolers. Per our license the limits are as follows..."shall not allow a patron to possess or consume more than forty ounces of beer, 750 ml of wine or four ounces of distilled spirits per visit." We will ask that you empty any open bottles prior to leaving the studio to avoid an open container issue outside of the studio and to remain within the limits, do not bring full size bottles of liquor. We provide glasses and bottle openers as well as ice. We also have complimentary water and coffee if you choose to not bring your own beverage. Feel free to bring snacks and food though this is not a potluck setup, what you bring is yours you are not expected to share.  Please feel free to bring any type of snacks to enjoy.